Most Powerful Features Of Microsoft Office

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In 2016,  Microsoft offers a wide variety of features in its latest update where the office consists of the following applications- word, outlook, excel, and powerpoint and are rounded by access, One note, and the publisher. The following features which I would like to mention here are the most powerful ones you’d never liked to miss.

• Reduced the difficulty of document sharing- This feature lets you share your documents very easily  by just clicking on the button in the ribbon. The feature is available for all the office applications- word, powerpoint, and excel. This button will let you share your personal or business documents to your team members or to your boss and will serve as a one-stop location to view who will be working on the document at the very moment.

• Has the ability to share very large files through One Drive- I know it was a tough time when sending your huge files to your friends by a private URL link. But now with the latest update, Microsoft makes this procedure a lot easier. Now the file attachments which we add along with an email message will be converted automatically to a link and the person receiving it will have to just click on that file link to download. But this happens only if you are synced to a SharePoint folder or a One drive account.

• The versions are improved- If the content written by you were accidently deleted, or made some mistakes while editing any document will disappoint the writer. So Office 2016 will let you access your previous actions. You have to go to Files> History to view the list of versions in the pane. You can click on the required version and the same will load in a separate window.

• Smart Lookup- This happens to be a very useful feature which came along with Office 2016 where it allows you to highlight a word and once you press the ‘Smart Lookup’ button from the menu you can view some related information without exiting your app.

• Support for new charts- Some old charts might be boring you. So the Office 2016 comes with a selection of charts to carry out a better job when it comes to visualizing hierarchical or financial data.

• Office group support- This feature would eliminate the traditional distribution or corrupted emails within certain teams. This essential feature would let you start a group among your friends or colleagues where only the members in it can view the texts and files they are sending.

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