Virtual Reality

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Technology has been improving everyday and new and innovative technologies are introduced on regular basis. And with the advancement in latest technology there are many innovations introduced by some major companies.

Virtual Reality

Virtual reality, also known as computer-simulated technology is that sort of technology that imitates the whole environment in real or imagined. And replicate the user’s physical presence in a way that it allows the user to interact with it. It is extremely advanced technology that it creates various sensory experiences like touch, hear, sight and smell. These virtual realities are often displayed on computer screen or with a special virtual reality headset. Some more advanced HAPTIC feedback are also included in it which is used for different purposes like gaming, military, and some medical applications. Virtual reality creates such life-like effect which covers various remote communications which provide a virtual presence to the users with the effect of TELE-existence or a virtual artifact through the use of keyboards and mouse or some wired gloves depending on the situation of the virtualization. Some virtual reality technologies which really work are discussed below.

Microsoft Hololens

MICROSOFT HOLOLENS is appearing to be another magnificent invention of virtual reality. The primary function of this “HOLOLENS” is to display on holographic technology which is considered to be more the virtual technology.  And this display technology is also becoming a jump-off point for many virtual experiences to come.

Virtual Reality Training Programs

Virtual reality has also been used for different training programs like different flight operations simulators. It has also been used widely in army services like Iraqi cultural situations and presenting the soldiers some battlefields simulators.


Virtual reality gets some significant success in the gaming and especially multiplayer online gaming where gamers feel a real life like experience while gaming. Games like world of war craft is the largest virtual multiplayer online gaming with over 11 million subscribers around the world. Another example of gaming is “NINTENDO WII” which is the most successful gaming technique in virtual reality. This concept owes its own motion detector and is been played by “virtual reality gloves” which appears to be very attractive to the gamers.

Medical Procedure

Virtual reality has vast applications in medical fields and proves to be very active in the medical field. VR has been used in modern medicines as well as many doctors use this technology for some surgical purpose.

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